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I’ve always hated more than a certain number of people knowing about me. Even when I was in highschool man I kept my business so low to the ground that people honestly never knew anything about. My boyfriend was really popular so everyone was always trying to be in my business but eventually they figured they wouldn’t learn anything. I remember I use to keep track of everyone that had my number so I knew at all times how many people could potentially contact me on the given. I kept my number so secret that no more than 20 people had it throughout highschool. Freshman year of college I did the whole know everybody thing and Oh my gosh. I hated that shit. Like no. After Christmas break I went waaaay underground. Nobody knew about anything I did and it’s good too because I did a whollllllle lotta shit. Lmao. Even on here honestly I don’t need it want you all to follow me. This ain’t even my first go round I think this is my third round. But yeah y’all talk about bein low key but y’all ain’t really bout it. I tell y’all not to follow me but y’all act like y’all can’t read. I mean reblogs are cool but when those cause people to hit my follow button naaaah. I just wanna chill.


I threw my π for you

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pumpumsensei you have changed your default 3x in the last 5 min. I’mma need you to chill, because you haven’t sent me any of those photos soooo na. Chill.

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pumpumsensei what’s your name?

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whoever added me on snapchat recently I accidentally deleted you :/

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I think I’m pretty much done with any body mod at this point I’m just saving up to buy ridiculously high jewelry that’ll make my nose worth more than a Tiffany’s ring. I think I’d like to get some blood classes under my belt and eventually become a certified piercer but that’s not a major issue just something I’d like to do in my spare time.


You don’t have to use matching jewelry for our BFF celebration tomrrow, but any of these beautiful pieces from Body Vision Los Angeles would soldify your place in the Besties Hall of Fame.

From L-R: Mexican fire opal, Oregon sunstone, Coral and Chrysoprase

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I’ve been reading manga for the last two hours. Man yoooooo I’ve got homework, I can’t be livin my life like this. This is not good. This isn’t cool at all.


women’s clothing are always doing THEEE ABSOLUTE MOST

men have the best basics

unfortunately i’m too small to even fit men’s xs

Sometimes topshop sells XXS and they usually end up in the clearance section.

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